The Tape

by Teen Wolves

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Recorded By The Dean, in our New Brunswick, NJ basement, during the Fall of 2010.


released March 20, 2011



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Teen Wolves New Brunswick, New Jersey

Hub City Hardcore

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Track Name: 1-Cop Blocker
let me stress how deeply i dislike you/ i don't want you anywhere around here/ i'm not a violent person/ but your pushing me to the edge/ make me feel like i'm moshing on eggshells/ you say something’s wrong with me/ i think something’s wrong with you/ corrupting the streets/ corrupting my fun/ officer i don't wanna deal with you/ not with you/ cop blocker! cop blocker!
Track Name: 2-F the A
F the A
Años de maltrato/ Ya no puedo seguir a si/ Siempre a sido lo mismo/ El resentimiento a todo el sistema/ Que gran impotencia/ Pero nosotros podemos hacer una diferencia/ La juventud tiene poder/ Juntos odemos pelear/ Vamos hacer un cambio!/ Nadien nos detendran/ Mira a tu alerededor/ Somos capaces de hacer algo grande/ Esta vez creo en mi misma/ Vamos a luchar/ Poco a poco/ Robo y violacion/ Leyes y corrupcion/ Tierra que no nos pertenece?/ Maltratados y rechezados/ Cansados de mentiras /Cansados y oprimidos/ Ya no..ya no mas/ Robo y violacion. Leyes y corupcion/ Basta ya!
Track Name: 3-Never Forget Your Root(s)...Beer
Never forget your root(s)…beer
You like beer/ Well i like it too/ But i prefer a different kind of brew/ It’s not pabst/ Not even close/ It's the birch extract that i crave the most/ Getting drunk may seem like fun/ Constant thrill rides for everyone/ But don't deny yourself the roots/ It even beats the taste of puke/ Tell your friends and tell your crew/ It's never wise to deny your roots/ Tell your bartender /Don't gotta be straight edge to enjoy your roots
Track Name: 4-Bedtime Stories
Bedtime Stories
Spread wide/ To indoctrinate/ But you’re missing the point / And the heart of brainwashing/ This watered down propaganda/ Doesn’t make the cut for me/ This lack of effort sincerely offends me/Show me/ the lies/ that I can/ believe/Exploit/ Swindle/ Bamboozle/But try to do it well/Your misleads should stick like glue/ Who can I count on to dupe me/ If I can’t count on you?/ Maybe hiding in plain view you aim to control the truth/ But I still yearn for the propaganda of my youth/ Show me/ The lies/ That I can/ Believe
Your attempts to take advantage are getting pretty weak/ Not even fucking with me subliminally/ Is it too much to ask for intelligent lies on my tv?/I’m trying to be victimized/ Your telling bedtime stories
Track Name: 5-The Point C
Point C
Sometimes things aren't clearly posted/Sometimes they’re not there at all/ And when they’re there/ You get the feeling/ That's not even where you wanna go/ Where you wanna go?/The places that you cannot see/In our hearts is where we wanna be/ Point A is the place that i need to break out/ Point B is the same shit they keep talking about/Need something that spells out free/That explodes blood into my veins/ Is that point c?/ I don't know exactly what i'm looking for/ But i fucking now how to find it/ Sick and tired of waiting for something to change my life/ My biggest fear is to remain stagnant as time passes me by/ I want the world to hear us!/ The places we wish we could be/ With our hearts we can make them/ Together we can make them/ With our hearts we will create them/ All of us together we will create them/
With our hearts we will create them/ We are capable of many things/leave your doubts behind/ Apathy will not live here/We will create what has been destroyed
Track Name: 6-T.W.P.
My ears are ringing/ Can't hear what you say/ From all the shows/Back in the day/ Quarter life crisis/ Fuck that!/ i'm joining the Teen Wolf Pack!/Teen/Wolf Pack/Teen/Teen Wolf Pack
Track Name: 7-What It Is
What it is?
To answer your question/ It' s a step before completely fucked/ To follow up on that it’s not skill that’s just luck/You say “but I never asked”/ And “these answers are unprecedented”/Then I get in your face and laugh/Sometimes this world can be demented/PBJ is the fuel that I consume the most/ And between ghosts and god sign me up for ghosts/Vindictive answers/Could’ve been prevented/But my answers go unrepresented/ So you’ll here my indignant thoughts/ About nothing and about a lot/ And a lot of nothing/ These are my answers/To the questions that never asked
Track Name: 8-Shotgun No Blitz
Shotgun no blitz
Neckties are nooses and your culture is a cult/ Forcing me knock out your teeth/ It's all your fault/ It's now my duty to bring you down a peg/ Need more scum you i like i need a hole in my head/ Act as if you were doing me a favor with this job/Exercise your authority just to get you off/ Take away my basic rights just to spite me/ While all the time masturbating to forbes magazine/ Do me a favor/ Don't do me any favors
Track Name: 9-Prey
Guide me this body is tired/ These hands lost grip/ My mouth can no longer speak/ Don't let me get outta sight/ I'm afraid of being in my own skin/ Fearless these streets may kill me/ Guide me this body is tired/ These hands lost grip/ A whore!/ A slut!/ That's me!/ You make me feel so minimal/ So worthless/ The next morning my body found under a bridge/ I kick! I scream!/ I kick! I scream!/ A no meant a yes for you/ My body found under a bridge/ DECAPITATED/ I LAY I LAY I LAY-DEAD!
Track Name: 10-Epic Failure
Epic Failure
You preach about unity/ Brotherhood and respect/ Well it's a bunch of bullshit/ When i hear your homophobic slurs/ And disrespect towards women/ Respect, you'll never get from me/ Exhausted from all your excuses/ You try to justify/ But i will never understand/ The great hatred in your heart/ You won't put upon me your poisonous ideals/ You won't put upon me/ Your poisonous ideals/ I gave you my trust/ You looked at me with eyes of lust/ My friendship you lost/ And it hurts to see what kind of person you are/ You are/ A disappointment/ Egotistical/ You suck/ You sicken me!/ Don't tell me what you think/ There's nothing in your head/ Anti-government?/ You’re Anti-intellect/ You tell all your fucking friends/ How you wanna change the world/ The change begins with yourself/ Accept others for who they are/ Quien eres tu/ Para jusgarme?/ Te di mi respeto/ y tu te burlastes/ Hardcore no significa/ Descriminacion o ser rudo/ Educate en este mundo de ignorancia/ Mujer o homosexual/ No significa ser devil/ No te das cuenta/ Donde el odio nos a llevado/ Never want you around here/ Your dead in the mind/ There are bigger things in this world than your ego/ So look around and grow the fuck up/ Where is your mind?/ Where is your fucking mind?